Kalammawadi Dam


Kalammawadi Dam

Kalammawadi dam is biggest dam in Kolhapur Dist. It’s a build in south west kolhapur Radhanagri Taluka. There is a temple of godess Kalamma Devi. Also Indian Gour area and huge biodiversity place.


This has lead to filling and over-flowing of all the Dams of district. Three automatic doors of Radhanagri dam as well as five doors of Kallamawadi dam are opened. Door nos. 3 and 6 of Radhanagari dam which were closed opened at 07.35 pm affecting a flow of about 6,200 Cusecs of water into Bhogawati river. This has resulted in steady rise in level of panchganga river. The water level of panchganga went from 21.8 ft to 22.8 ft during the day. The Kalammawadi dam is also full and the flow of water also has been increased to 6,800 qsecs from the five open doors. Water from other dams like Warna, Kumbhi, Kasari, Kadvi,Kode etc is also released into respective rivers.

All the ten dams excluding Tulsi, Jagamhatti and Trikotra are full to their top capacity. District has received an average rainfall of 32mm in last 24 hours. Gaganbawda recorded the heaviest of rains of about 102mm while radhanagari 54mm, shahuwadi 36mm, bhudhargad 32mm, Ajra 39mm and chandgad recorded 44mm of rainfall. The waterfalls are also flowing adding to the beauty of various tourist spots. Most tourist spots like Barki, Rautwadi, Amba, Amboli, Panhala etc are Houseful with visitors.


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