Radhanagari Dam


Radhanagari Dam

Radhanagari Dam, is a gravity dam on Bhogawati river near Radhanagari in State of Maharashtra in India. This is the first ever built dam in India .


Dam construction was initiated by visionary Rajarshi Shahu on 18 February 1907.Dam is being used for irrigation as well as hydro-electricity power generation.Dam is located amidst scenic surrounding in the backdrop of thick forest cover.Sir Pandurang rao Krishnaji rao Shinde served as the chief engineer during the construction of this dam.

The height of the dam above lowest foundation is 42.68 m (140.0 ft) while the length is 1,143 m (3,750 ft). The gross storage capacity is 236,810,000 m3 (8.363×109 cu ft).


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